Friday, March 14, 2014

Save the Leggings

 These kids of mine are growing so fast!  I can't keep up with them.
Especially their clothes.  I hate buying new clothes because they look the same as their old clothes in a matter of a few weeks.  I thought I'd try to save a few pairs of my daughters leggings by combining them together.

I took this grey pair.

Plus this black pair.

Cut them up and laid them out like so ...

I cut a pocket out from the grey.

Folded the bottom

Serged on the black, like so, to keep both lace ends.

Sewed the grey piece to the black legging.

And viola! They have a little more length now, since I combined them and a lot more funk.

Here's my funky fresh little girl in her "new" leggings.

The pockets I placed a little low and they started to pull an create little holes in the corners, so I added some felt heart patches.

I decided to combine the other pair of leggings she grew out.
Here is the result:

They are a little crazy, but she likes them and I saved 4 pairs of leggings from the garbage … for now anyway.