Monday, October 21, 2013

Pretty Little Strip of Fabric Becomes a Funky 70's Tube Top

I was given this cool strip of knit fabric by my mother-in-law.  I love the cool 70's vibe it has.  I cut it before I took a picture of it, but it was one long, thin strip.  There wasn't much I could do with it, but since crop tops were on my mind from my recent refashion, I knew exactly what to do.

First I cut the strip in to four equal size panels.

I used my serger to combine two panels together, right sides out, wrong sides together.

Then I sewed the two new pieces together.  I tapered the sides in as I moved down toward the waist.  I folded the bottom up once and hemmed it.  The top I folded over twice and hemmed it.

Finished top

I plan on wearing it as more of an undershirt, like this, than by itself.  

It was a fun way to use a little piece of fabric.  Now can add a little color under my long button up shirts in the fall.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Few New Little Things Up On Etsy

I just finished a new batch of little bags and got them listed on Etsy for sale.  I thought I would share them with you.

I have been working on creating things with whatever fabric I have in my giant stash.  I had my products in a few stores for a while and it was tough going with the economy.  Plus, it was hard on me giving away a percentage of the profit from my sale to the owners because as it is I am not really "making" any money.  Anyone who sews knows that a tremendous amount of work goes into something even as little as a coin purse.  My time can never really be compensated for, so I finally decided to pull my stuff from the stores and focus on selling things through Etsy myself.  Etsy, of course, has it's fee's, too, but at least this way I'm in control of my inventory and I'm giving away a much smaller percentage of my so called "profit".  If there is such a thing ;)

Anyway, when I was in stores they were pushing me to make more small grab items for the counter, since we were having trouble moving the larger, higher priced purses and bags.  Unfortunately, with the busy life I lead as a single stay at home mother, I never really found the time to sew a bunch together.  Finally, with my youngest in first grade for a full 6 hours, I have managed to get to sewing some of these little bags together.  

Here is a look at all the new little things I have available, plus there are many more products in my Etsy Shop.  

These items would make great gifts for teachers, friends, the hard to buy for teen girls, or anyone that has spare change.  

I have 3 of these wristlets available (all listed separately).  They are larger than my previous design to accommodate for the new smart phone sizes.  It has a wider base and these are lined with fleece for extra padding.

I really want to keep this little pouch.  It's just so cute!  It's a little wider than my regular coin purses, so it has a little more versatility.  It could easily fit ID cards, money, and small cosmetics.

I listed these little coin purses together to save myself the listing fee.  I have 6 of the grey suiting with pink lining available and 2 of the colorful peace sign coin purses available.
These are great for the kids lunch money, spare change, laundry money (how I use mine!), or even storing your guitar picks, iShuffle, headphones, etc.

These coin purses are a little taller than the ones above.  You could fit an ID card in there along with your money.  These have a fun pink lining and pink zipper to match.

These are super cute, fun little zipper pouches.  They fit on your key chain and are meant to hold your earbuds, so they don't get all tangled up in your purse.  You can also store your blue tooth in it, an iShuffle fits in, so you can wear it around your belt loop on your walk, you can carry your guitar picks in them if you are a rock star ;), or you can carry spare change/money.  I think these are great little gifts for a teacher.  I have the 3 different fabric styles below available.

Feel free to share this with your friends.  
Every purchase made helps my family and improves our lives.  It is my dream to stay home and raise my children.  I can't put into words how important that is to me, my spirit, and my life.  It drives me to continue to use my passion and skills for sewing.  It pushes me to be creative and find ways to make money with my skills, so I can continue to live my dream.  
I love my kids, I love sewing, and I hope you find something I made that you will love, too.  

Thank you for supporting me, my passions, and my dreams.  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Large Skirt Transforms To Little Crop Top

I am knee deep in creating some new inventory for my Etsy Shop and am busy working to fill a large pencil case order, but somehow I still found time to squeeze in a quick refashion.  

I am horribly selfish with my sewing skills.  It's all about me, people! ;)
  I figure I probably appreciate my skills the most, so why not spoil myself :).  

I bought this skirt from one of my favorite shops that was going out of business.  I had bought one just like it in a different color and a size smaller a while back and I love it.  This one was a large, but I bought it anyway because it was on super clearance and well .... I kinda went a little grabby nuts in the store since I knew it was my last chance to shop there.  So far this skirt hasn't made it into my wardrobe.  It's just a bit to large and makes me look bulky in my already bulky backside.  

Here it is before.
To the cutting floor it goes!

Since I do love the other skirt so much I decided to trace a pattern for the pieces, so I can make more in the future in a smaller size.  Bonus!  I'll have to find something stretchy to refashion with this pattern.

I already had a vision in mind for this refashion.  I have a thing for crop tops.  I am secretly excited that they are coming back into style.  I know it may not be appropriate for a 37 year old mother of two to be running around town with her belly ring hanging out ... but hey ... it's L.A.  Anything goes in this crazy town.  At least, that's what I tell myself.  (Although, I don't think I will be doing school drop off and pick up in this new shirt.)  I love the new trend of coupling a crop top with a high waisted skirt or pair of pants.  Here are some cute crop tops in action in the fashion world:

I want to try to do a more fitted crop top next like the ones above and below.  Maybe not quite as bra looking as the top ones, but I like the fitted look, like the one below.  I'm thinking I could easily use a bodice pattern from one of my dress patterns and just hem it across the bottom instead of adding a skirt to it.

I love the look of a high waisted skirt with a crop top.

This print is just too cute!  I want that outfit.  I may have to use this as inspiration.  If I can find the right fabric I may try to reproduce it. I don't know if I can pull this look off, though.  Might be a bit too young for me.  

The high waisted a-line skirt with the crop top is my favorite.  My goal is to make myself a high waisted a-line skirt in grey to go with my new crop top.  Possibly another refashion in the near future????
Hmmmm.... we will see.

And here is the finished top! 

I didn't really document the process, but basically I seam ripped apart the whole skirt leaving the hem in place along the bottom.  I had to rip it open at the side seams a little when I took it in and then hemmed the sides back up.  I used the front and back waist band for the shoulder straps and hemmed the top of the shirt with a double fold hem (bottom was single fold).

It's super comfy!  I have a cute knit sweater I can wear over it and some high waisted black pants I can wear with it now, until I make a skirt.  It looks ok with this jersey skirt for a super casual look, but I would probably wear it with a knit sweater or over shirt.  

Summer may be gone, but it lives on in my mind and in my wardrobe.  What can I say, I'm just a Southern California girl.