Friday, February 24, 2017

Green Sweater Dress

My Mother-in-Law found a bunch of this green sweater material at the thrift store.

I decided to use it to make a sweater dress that I can wear in the winter with a pair of tights.

I used this pattern, which I have used a few times before, but never with the sleeves.

Here is the end result:

This pattern is very easy to work with.  I took a lot in on the sides, so it would be more form fitting, since the fabric would be bulky if I cinched it in with a belt.  I ended up hemming the sleeves and the bottom, rather than doing a slip stitch.  It took a lot less time and it ended up looking much better, in my opinion.

I need to take this one out for a test drive, since the weather is cool.  
Who wants to go out for a drink?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Boring Red Dress Turns Polka Dotted Fun!

This simple red dress was given to me in a pile of hand-me-downs.  I didn't really love or hate the dress.  I held onto it because the overall fit was good and I figured maybe it would be a good dress during the Christmas season.  Christmas came and went two times and I never wore this dress.  

I had these pom poms I bought for another craft project, but never used them.

I had an epiphany after seeing this cute sweater on Zooey Dechanel.

The color of the pom poms were a perfect match for the dress.  It definitely feels very "fall", but I thought it would be worth a shot.  I pinned a few on to get an idea if it would work.  I got pretty carried away.  Since I had pinned so many, I had to hand sew them all to the dress while on the dress form or I would screw up all my measurements.

It is definitely a little funky, but I love how it came out!  Aubrey calls it my fall ball dress.  Bayne thinks it looks like I broke out in a Skittles rash.  I call it my gumball dress.  Either way, I think it is super fun and totally unique.

Here it is on.  

As you can see, I shortened the sleeves, hand sewed pom pom balls to the majority of the front of the dress and I left the back plain.

I haven't worn this out yet, but I can't wait to see what people say.  I definitely think it is a conversation piece that people will either love or hate, but it is sure to make people smile either way.  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Denim Scraps to Fabric Art

Just a fun little piece I made for someone special.

We have an inside joke about blue herons.

I found this image of a quilt piece I found online for inspiration.

Here is my version made completely from old jeans.  Even the moon is made from the pocket.

I want to make more and more!  
I love it!
He did, too!