Monday, February 10, 2014

#RockYourScar CHD Photo Contest


I use to know nothing about what those three letters stood for, but now I know all to well.
This week, being Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week, those of us who know all to well have one week where we get to speak out and share what those three letters mean to us.
Congenital Heart Defect.


What they have come to mean to me is …

Courage.  Hope.  Destiny.

This week we get to celebrate the courage of these heart warriors.
We get to spread hope to those just meeting theirs.
We get to help shape the destiny of these special hearts by spreading awareness, to find a cure.

This is my special heart warrior. 
And she is rocking her CHD and her scar!
Mended Little Hearts, an amazing CHD organization, is having a #RockYourScar photo contest.
I would love it if you would vote for Aubrey!!!
You can vote for while you are logged onto Facebook here:

Of course, the crazy crafter wheels in my brain started turning as soon as I read about this photo contest.  I wanted to make her a shirt that would show off her scar, but not be provocative in anyway.  I also didn't want to buy anything new.  It was a perfect opportunity for a refashion.  I found this almost too small heart shirt that had a rip in the collar.  I thought it might be cool to just simply sew a zipper into the center where her scar is, so she could show it off in the picture. 

I put some interfacing on inside of the shirt, then cut down a slit for the zipper.  Pinned it all into place and top stitched over it.  I fixed the hole in the collar, too.

You saw the finished product in the picture at the top!
I hope we win!!!  
I, of course, couldn't stop at the shirt and had to make the CHD Awareness Ribbon, too.  
Now we can hang that year after year during this special week.

Thank you to those of you who have already voted and shared the contest on your page.
It's YOU GUYS who ROCK!!!
Rockin' my heart strings!!!

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