Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pastel Plaid Button Up Dress

This McCall's pattern is definitely a big favorite of mine.  
I think I have made at least two other dresses with it and I recently made a third.  
I know there will be more, too.

I was in Downtown LA Fashion District picking up some interfacing, zippers, lining fabric and gingham fabric for my mother-in-law.  I was NOT there to buy ANY OTHER FABRIC.  
(Good luck!)
I came home with 3 yards of this pretty, plaid, pastel, lightweight linen fabric that "would make the perfect summer dress".  I think I also came home with a yard of $10 Pokemon fabric that Aubrey "had to have."  
Downtown LA Fashion District is NOT a safe place for me.  More like a giant candy store.

I finally got around to making my dress and here it is:

I like the colors a lot.  
Blue and brown are my favorite colors.  
I like the hint of pink.  It softens it up a bit.  
I used vintage buttons my other mother-in-law gave me.  

I have yet to try the long sleeve version of this dress.  That might have to be my next project for this pattern.  The collar is a bit tricky on this pattern.  The more I do it, the easier it gets, so I want to make an effort to use it a few more times, so I can get it down.  When you find a pattern that fits your body and you love, once you get it mastered you can make them pretty effortlessly.  I could easily own 10 dresses made from the different options in this pattern. 

I need to head back to DTLA soon to get more zippers.  
Maybe I will find the perfect fabric that I'm not there to buy.
What are the odds ;)?

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  1. Hi!
    LOVE those pastel colours!!
    Fabric stores are also a danger for me!!! :D
    kisses from Portugal!