Monday, November 16, 2015

Shirt to Skirt Refashion

This is a quick and easy refashion, but it is also one of my favorite ones to do.

Here are two shirts I received as hand-me-downs from one of my neighbors.  They fit pretty good, but they were a little long.  I probably could have kept them and worn them as is, but ... well ... really, I just wanted to transform them into comfy, jersey skirts.  

I used one of my previous shirt to skirt refashions to use as a template to cut the new ones.  I know that looks like a basic, ugly skirt, but I swear it is so comfortable and has become one of my favorite lounge skirts.  Perfect to throw on after a day of surfing.

I used the existing hem line from the bottom of the shirt and cut a waist band from the top of the shirt.  I repeated the same process for the other shirt.

I had my daughter take the finished pictures, so I apologize that they are a little blurry.

I think they both came out looking really nice.

They can pass as a tad dressy, even though they are just casual jersey.  
They were great as shirts, but I just know for me they will get much more milage in their second lives as skirts.

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