Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I finished my first sew along!!

Too bad I was the only one sewing along!  That's ok, though, because I have another bag pattern under my belt and a nice gift for my brother :)  I hope he likes it!  Does it look manly enough?

Here are some more pictures below.  I changed a few things about the pattern.  It was supposed to have square corners on the bottom, but by force of habit, I accidentally rounded the corners, which in the long run made it easier to sew and I think the finished look is cleaner.  I also sandwiched the strap in between the lining and shell instead of attaching it on the lining where you can see the attachment point on the inside of the bag.  I think it not only looks better, but holds stronger, too.

Nice adjustable strap.  Brass colored hardware.
I love the use of a hair band for the latch!  Great idea!

Under the flap pocket ... just like on my design.
The picture of the inside of the bag didn't come out too well, but it is nice, big and roomy.  I didn't add any pockets because I highly doubt my brother will actually organize anything in here :)

I'm hoping my label will be masculine enough 
Back pocket is designed to hold files folders.  My button hole came out a little off center.
Button holes are a pain in the .... well ... butt.

Inside view of back file folder pocket

Bag on the dummy :), not my brother ;)
I hope Mikey likes it!  It came out nice.  It's a pretty good mens bag.  I will probably make more like it in the future, but I might add a little something more to the inside.  I love me some POCKETS!

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