Saturday, October 8, 2011

My first sew-along!

I recently went "Like" crazy on Faceebook and added a bunch of my favorite sewing pages to my news feed.  I have no idea why I didn't do that sooner.  Obviously, right up my alley!  My new favorite magazine is Stitch Magazine (sorry Oprah, I still love you, though!).  It comes out every few months and it is packed full of fun projects and sewing tips.  I go crazy for it whenever I see it at Joann.  Here is the link to their facebook page:

I recommend it to anyone who loves to sew.  I saw an announcement on their facebook page the other day for a sew along and they were doing a well suited messenger bag for a man.  They had me at messenger, so I downloaded the pattern here ...
Well worth the $4.

The bag design is very similar to the bags I make now.  I am very nervous about the final construction step, adding the flap to the bag, because it looks tricky and hard to sew the way they are assembling it.  My method is far easier, but I learn so much by trying new things.  I already want to add a pocket or two to the pattern, hopefully it won't add too much thickness if I do.  Maybe only in the front inside?  We will see.

I had a gorgeous wool tweed that I grabbed off the remnant rack a long time ago.  This is perfect for it!  I used the lining I had originally intended to go in it, so I had to buy a new one and I chose a lighter green fabric.  The tweed is camel brown with lots of dark brown, white, camel, beige, and light green threads peaking through.  There is supposed to be a leather piece across the front flap, but I'm not much of a leather person and that would require a new needle and I don't have time for that right now.  I'm going to use a pretty brown corduroy instead.  It has a leathery color to it.

Here is what I have so far.  I'm waiting on all the metal slides in the mail, but I chose a nice brass color.  I have wooden button for the front that should work nicely, too.

Closer view ... you can sorta see the green threads in the wool tweed

Wish me luck!  It looks like I might be the only person "sewing along", which is kind of a bummer.  There is one other girl who joined, so I hope I can keep her motivated to sew along with me.  Either way ... Uncle Mike is going to get that birthday present I owe him.  Far better than some trinket bought at some shop.  He just transfered to UCSB, so this will be perfect for him ... make him look all learned and stuff.

I am hoping to have this finished by the end of the weekend!  Stay tuned!  Mike, if you are reading this ... you see nothing .... these are not the droids you are looking for ....

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