Friday, March 2, 2012

One For Me and One For Her

Apparently that trip to Mood Fabrics really did get me in the mood!  I already finished my shirt for the reggae show tomorrow night!  I am totally proud of myself over this shirt.  I created the pattern myself using a shirt I own that is a similar style to the shirt I was inspired by and from there I drafted my own pattern and it came together so nicely.  I love when a plan comes together perfectly!

Here is my inspiration:

Here is my shirt!  

I'm officially ready to dance my cares away!

Bring it Pato!

While I was inspired and feeling pretty awesome from my accomplishment, I decided to tackle another t-shirt project that I have waiting on my sewing table.  My daughter is turning 5 next week and she wants to have a Ghostbuster Party.  Which is so awesome, but it is requiring me to be very creative because there isn't a lot of Ghostbusters paraphernalia out in the world at this time.  She fell in love with this Stay Puff Marsh Mellow Man Shirt:

Which is rad!  And it was on sale for $10!  But ... they only had a mens size medium.  :(  I bought it anyway in hopes of finding a way to make it work.  Unfortunately, it was WAAAAY bigger than I expected.  You can see how big it is on her ....

God bless Pinterest!  I found a cool idea that I thought could work for the shirt on this cute blog called The Sewing Dork.  If you click on the blog name it will take you to the tutorial for this shirt.  She did the brown shirt below for her daughter from an adult size shirt.  Her idea looked perfect for my project.

I cannot believe it, but it worked!!!!  And even better than that, she LOVES it!!!!  Aubrey is very picky about the clothes she wears.  I have a closet full of beautiful dresses I made her that she refuses to wear.  When I tried this shirt on, she refused to take it off and is wearing it right now.
:0)  :0)  :0)
Nothing makes me happier than a happy kid of mine!

Happy Mom, Happy Little Girl!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. I've been wanting to try shirring. Did your machine have trouble at all with the elastic thread in the bobbin? I'm not sure how my piece of junk singer will handle it, but I'm still gonna give it a whirl.

  2. You just have to make sure to only use the elastic thread on the bobbin and wind it really loose .. no tension at all. My Kenmore machine the bobbin jumped around a bit in there, but I did the whole shirt on that machine and it was fine. The industrial machine I used for another project and it handled it much better. I am in love with elastic thread! It's a great way to make skirts. They have stretch and they look like they've been gathered, but it's just the magic of the elastic thread! I think you should give it a shot!