Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pac-Man Fever

We love video games in this house.  My kids are all into the Wii, but I like to kick it old school with some good old classic Pac-Man!

I love that game!  I miss my Atari.

My kids think it's pretty cool, even though it's a little hard for them to play.

Does anyone remember the Pac-Man cartoon from the 80's?  I used to love that show!

I felt motivated by my children's interest in one of my favorite video game icons, so I dug through my stash of fabric and whipped out a Pac-Man for each kid.

I was only going to make one, but I sewed the eyeball up side down on the opposite side, so I just added some gingham to the back and made two instead.  It's always better to have one for each kid, if you can do it.

Pac-Man would not be complete without a Power Pellet!  

I think we are going to make the ghosts next!  I have some red and blue fleece, but I'll need to find some orange and pink off the remnant rack at Joann.

The kids have already decided.  Bayne gets the red and pink ghost and Aubrey gets the blue and orange ghost.

Do you have Pac-Man Fever?

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