Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shirt I Didn't Scrap

In a previous post, I mentioned a shirt I might scrap completely.  It was out of my vintage fabric that are cut up and ready to sew pile.  Well, I don't give up easy and I'm glad I don't because I didn't and I just love it.  Here is the pattern I was working with:

Simplicity 2415

I chose this pattern because it doesn't require much fabric and I only had a small amount of yardage.  Because I had limited fabric, I couldn't include the floral pattern into the center of the shirt in any way, so I had to move it to the side and it looked odd with all the blue in the center.  The front and back panel are supposed to be one whole piece, but I had to cut the back into two halves, so there is a seam where it shouldn't be.  Basically, when the pieces were cut and laid out if front of me, I just did not see how it was going to come together into anything wearable.  I love this fabric, though, so I had to give it a shot.  After all it is vintage.  When it's gone, it's gone.  

So I was determined and I believe I was successful in making, not only something wearable, but something really darn cute!

I added elastic to the bottom.  The pattern doesn't use that, but I loved the way they did the casing on the neckline so much I wanted to do it again on the bottom.  The big, empty feeling, blue space in the center shrunk with the elastic.  

The flowers on the side worked nicely.  I almost think it's better to have them on the side than in the front in the end.

The trim I found to cover up the seam line in the back.  

I was so worried I wouldn't be able to cover this.  I think the fancy trim does the job nicely.  It blends right in with the shirt and doesn't stand out too much.  It looks like it belongs.  It also has a vintage feel to it.

I swear my grandmother wore something made from this exact fabric.  It looks familiar, or has a familiar feel to me.  It is definitely something my grandmother would have loved.  Turquoise was her favorite color.  It happens to be mine, too!  This shirt is quickly become a favorite, as well.

I think I will be wearing this a lot!  Probably making plenty more, too.  It is so easy and comfortable to wear.  

The pattern is very easy, too.  I highly recommend it. There were a couple tricky parts with the sleeve, but I just had to read the directions a few times through slowly.  I love their method of using single fold binding to help create a hem and casing for the elastic on the top of the shirt.  I plan on adopting and using that method for now on when I can.  

New trick, new shirt, no scrap!

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