Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Refashion - Couch Cushion Cover to Dressy Skirt

I have been so fortunate to receive fabric from various people over the last year. A random Jehovah Witness lady came knocking on my door one day and caught me while I was sewing.  She later brought back a bag of fabric that she left hanging from my door.  This couch cushion cover below was one of the pieces included in the bag of fabric she gave me.  

I used the same pattern I used for my St. Paddy's Day Skirt, only this time I used pattern B.  I added a waistband to this skirt (as I did for the St. Paddy's one as well).

Only trouble was I interfaced the wrong side and sewed it wrong side facing out.


Not only that, but somehow the measurements didn't quite add up to fit all the way around ....

... not sure what happened there.

I didn't give up hope.  I seam ripped off the waistband and cut/prepped a new one.  I had a little left over fabric to work with, so I cut some strips to fill the gap in the back on each side.  I did an exposed zipper for the back. 

Here is the skirt with the waist band exposed.  

Exposed zipper with a closed end.

I will most likely wear it with my shirt or sweater covering the waistband and top of the zipper.

I love the gold metallic glow it has.  It almost has a disco ball type feel, which gives it that little bit of funk I love.  It is on the dressy side for me, but I probably need a few more sophisticated pieces in my weird and wacky wardrobe.

I never thought I'd make a skirt from a couch cushion!

Oh the things you can refashion ...


So rewarding.


  1. This is so cool!! I love a good refashion from something unexpected.

    I host a refashion link party every Friday and would love for you to join us sometime!

  2. Thanks, Kaitlin! I am going to go check out your blog. I would absolutely love to join you sometime. Thanks for the invite!!