Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mens Old T-Shirts to Comfy Summer Dress

I broke into my stash of mens shirts again.

This time I used these two regular old mens XL cotton t-shirts.  

I used this Very Easy Vogue Pattern V8571.

I have worked with this pattern once before to make this cute blue dress.

I started by cutting off the sleeves of the shirt.  I used the green shirt for the bodice and the black shirt for the skirt.  I took the pattern pieces, laid them on the shirt, pinned them, and cut them as I would a regular piece of fabric.  

For the skirt, I cut off the sleeves of the black shirt.  Folded the shirt in half and cut.  There wasn't enough width across the bottom, so I had to taper the skirt in a bit from the original pattern.

I ended up with two of these pieces for the skirt.  I left the bottom hem of the original t-shirt in tact, to save me a step down the line.

Sewed it all together with my awesome serger (mostly) and voila ... here is my new comfy dress!  

Overall this is a really great pattern to work with.  After using the t-shirts as fabric I know for sure I will make more dresses like this.  I love the one I made from blue organic hemp fabric.  Depending on the fabric, the dress can be on the fancy side or on the casual side.  The only trouble I had with it was the collar.  I sewed it on backward.  I need to slow down at that part and really read the directions next time because that was a huge pain to fix.

I see more t-shirts turning into dresses like this in the future.

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  1. That is pure genius, using tees for fabric to make a sweet jersey dress! Found your blog thru refashion co-op.