Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mens and Boys Jeans to Womens Jean Jacket

I love working with denim.  It's a little hard on the machine, but it's my favorite thing to refashion.

Here is my inspiration for this project:

Here is my material:

2 pairs of mens jeans and one pair of boys jeans (not pictured).

I started by taking off the pockets of one pair of mens jeans and cutting off the legs.  One leg became the front of the jacket ...

... and the other became the back.

I used the legs of the boys pants to make the arms.
I tried it on for fit.  At this point I was going to leave the arms with the finished hem of the original pants for the cuff.

I should mention that this was how I spent my 4th of July.  Watching Easy Rider, tearing up old jeans to make a new jean jacket, and enjoying a cold beer.  Freedom, baby!

I made a hood out of the second pair of jeans.  
I was eyeballing the button closer on the waist of the jeans.  That is what attracted me to the picture that inspired me, so I wanted to add that in.
I pinned it on to see if I liked it with ...

... or without.

I went with with!  

I like that it adds to the aesthetic of the raw look I went with.  As you can see, I decided to cut off the hem of the pants on the wrist cuff.  I did this because I liked the length of the bottom of the jacket as it was and I didn't want to hem it, but it looked off with the finished arm.  It gives it an overall raw feel.

Back and hood.

I love that I can button the top if I want.

Not the best on pic, but my photographers are little and my living room is a mess.

Rocking the hoodie and the closure.

I am one very happy girl!  

I love my new jacket!!!


  1. Very clever! I love the finished product and all of the photos make it easy to understand the process :)

  2. just amazing ! i want the same !!!!! bravo