Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pants and PJ's

I've noticed that I'm kind of a bipolar seamstress.  It's either all or nothing with me.  I generally create in spurts and then spend a few weeks creating nothing at all.  When I do pick up the scissors and turn on the machine the fabric better watch out because I am a girl on a mission.  I make as many things as I can at once.

Currently, I am in a creative spurt!

I've been coveting this fabric forever.  It's vintage and I love the color.  I finally got around to making myself some comfy pants:

They even have pockets :)

My mom LOVES when I make her PJ pants, so I made her some from this fabric I had in my stash for Mothers Day.  She looks happy.  I hope they fit :)

This fabric reminds me so much of the old underwear and undershirts for little girls back in the late 70's early 80's.  Remember those floral panties and under shirt tank tops?  I think they were white, but came in different color flowers?  Probably from Sears?  Anyway, I had to make a modern grown up version, so I made these for myself.  I cut the pattern for the top by using an old tank top and the bottoms are a pattern I made myself using old shorts.  Unfortunately, you don't get to see it on because it is a little to sexy ;).

My kids love my handmade PJ pants, too.  I've made these for the kids before, but Bayne grew out of his, so I made 2 more pairs in a larger size from an old sheet of his. Not that exciting, but functional and recycled/reused, which I love!

These are the less fun, more practical things I had on my table to finish.  I'm happy that they are done and I have moved on to more fun things like refashions and pretty soon a pretty new dress!  It's been a while since I made myself a dress from actual fabric yardage, then from a refashion.  

I will be sharing it all with you soon!

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