Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Halloween Costume Refashions and Creations

My kids always like to pick impossible characters to be for Halloween.  The ones you either cannot find at the Halloween Superstores that pop up everywhere, but you can find on amazon for $375 ... for an adult size costume.  Lucky for my kids, they have a mom who is up for the challenge of making their costume dreams come true on a dime store budget.  

My daughter wanted to be Peridot from Steven Universe.  

Lord help me!

I prayed as I went digging into my collection of old clothes I have saved for refashions and found some perfect shirts that would work for her outfit.  I did have to go to the thrift store and buy one extra shirt to finish the top, but her outfit is made completely from old shirts.

I had to go to Joann to find material for her hat, but I scored this vinyl, pleather stuff off of the remnant rack for 50% off.  I sewed a bendable wire into the seam along the edges to keep it upright.
Here is my little Peridot!

My son wanted to be One Punch Man from One Punch Man.  Seems obvious, I know, but I had no idea who the hell One Punch Man was until now.  It's an anime, this guy below is in it, and he punches really hard.  There, now you know as much as I do about him ;).

In my fabric stash I had some of this cheap, polyester fabric that screamed, "Halloween is all I'll ever be good for!"  Unfortunately, I didn't have enough to cover both pants and a top because for some reason my son has suddenly become a GIANT!!!  Wasn't he just 4?!  Anyway, I had to buy a little more yellow for the top.  I used felt that I had in my stash for the gloves, boots, and cape.

We tried to get a bald cap.  He looked like a condom ... lol.
We tried to sew him a skin color beanie.  He wasn't feeling it.
He went as One Punch Man with hair.  
Here he is!

He will be 12 in just a couple weeks.  I love seeing him still embrace the child inside and dress up in costume.  He even wore the outfit to middle school for the whole day.  I have to wonder, how many more years of magic will Halloween hold for him?  I have treasured every one!

We really wore the heck out of these costumes this year.  School celebrations, carnival, halloween parties, and Trick or Treating.  
Good times!

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