Monday, November 28, 2016

Little Red Floral Dress

Hello everyone!

This is just a quick look at a dress I made out of some thrifted fabric I received.

I love this pattern.  I have used it so many times.

Here is the dress I made using pattern B.  I shortened it a little.

I love the floral fabric.  For some reason I don't love how it looks on.  I haven't really had chance to wear it out yet either.  I think it might be the cut of the skirt that bothers me.  I may go back, take out the hem, and try to even it out a little more.  It feels like it goes up a little to high on the sides and a little, too low in the front and back.  It makes it feel lopsided to me. I hope it doesn't make it too short if I do.  It's funny how picky you can be about something so little when you make a garment yourself.  

I think I might go pull that out of my closet and put it on my sewing table right now ... too be continued.

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