Thursday, April 12, 2012

For the Love of Super Mario Brothers

Show of hands ... who loves Super Mario Brothers???

ME, ME, I DO, I DO!!!!

My kids do, too!

I love that they love the Mario Brothers.  I grew up playing those games on my Nintendo and Super Nintendo.  I beat all 3 Super Mario Brothers games.  Not to mention, I loved the cool Super Mario Brothers Show, do you remember that?  I had to buy the dvd for my kids.  Cartoons are so different these day, aren't they?

Back in the day you couldn't buy a plush toy for any of the characters, that I know of.  While the games where popular, there didn't seem to be as much love for the characters that there is today.  My kids each have one plush character from the video game series.  Bayne has Yoshi (my favorite!) and Aubrey has Toad.  They play with them ALL the time.  Bayne recently learned about the joy that is youtube and loves to watch videos of anything Mario or Sonic, whether it be cheats and walk through videos on the games, or just other kids silly homemade videos of themselves acting out sketches with their stuffed characters from the game.  As much as youtube bugs me - cause you never know what they are going to hear or see, I am so thankful for it, as well.  It has completely inspired my kids pretend play with their stuffed buddies way more than they ever have in the past.  The TV is on far less and these kids are off in make believe world with their pals Toad, Tails (Aubrey's two), Knuckles, and Yoshi (Bayne's two).  It is adorable!  Bayne wants to be tucked in with both his buddies each night (YAY - there is still a little boy in my big 7 year old!) and so does Aubrey.  They have to go to Pops house and sometimes in the car with us on our errands.  It just makes my heart smile.  I know they won't be so young and innocent forever and some day these little friends of theirs will be packed away in a box along with the Sesame Street gang that no longer get any love.

Lately, Bayne has been dropping a lot of hints about wanting a Blooper stuffed toy.  Blooper is the squid in Mario Karts that inks you.  This guy, here:

As far as I know, they don't sell Blooper plush toys anywhere.  Anyway, this is way too easy to buy, especially when I have all the fabric and stuffing I need to make one myself!

A little bit of sketching, cutting out a pattern, pinning, white fleece, black felt, stuffing, and VIOLA!

We have a Blooper!

I didn't get a picture of Bayne when I gave it to him because he was home sick and wasn't doing so hot, but I assure you this helped cheer him up :).  He is inseparable from him.  Now it's Yoshi, Knuckles, and Blooper on a mission across the apartment, day and night.  My heart is smiling!

The only trouble is ... Aubrey is going to be left out and that is NEVER good.  Trust me.  I started thinking about an easy character that I could make for her using what I had on hand.  It came to me instantly, perfect for my special heart warrior ... she needed the Invincibility Star!  

You know the one.  Here it is:
I had a star pattern for a toddler dress, so I just used that to cut out the shape on some yellow fleece and added the eyes made from black felt.  VIOLA!

A very special star for a very special little girl :).

She named him Invincible.  She LOVES him!  Now she has her Toad, Tails, and Invincible and is ready to go on adventures with Bayne and his crew.  

She couldn't look more perfect with her Yoshi shirt on and all!  

I'm already thinking of what I can make next.  Bayne is already dropping hints about how "Aubrey would really like a Bullet Bill, I think." 
 I might have to make myself a mushroom first.

Mom wants to play, too!  ;)

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