Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun in the Day Light and Fun in the Black Light

Spring Break Continued :)

I finished taping up the plastic sheeting on the sides of the greenhouse today.  I got it all ready for tomorrow when Grandma and Uncle Mike come to help me plant my veggies.  I had just a little bit of sheeting left and I decided to try out an idea I saw on a blog via Pinterest.  It looked too cool not to try.  Here is a link to the original idea.  Theirs was way bigger and way cooler, but this turned out to be a big hit even on a small scale.  

Basically it is just duct tape, plastic sheeting, and a whole lot of water.  Add kids and have fun!

Bayne is the first one to cross the redneck waterbed!

It didn't take long for them to figure out how they wanted to play with it.

Lots of crazy jumps and spins!

Super fun!  I may have to try that on a larger scale this summer.

This afternoon we made some Easter cookies and decorated them after dinner.  So yummy!

Then after dessert we had fun with all our glow/neon black light crafts!  

We painted our shirts and puppets last night, so they had time to dry and be ready for the puppet show tonight.

I realize these pictures aren't the best, but I'm posting them anyway just for fun :)

I bought a couple neon balloons to play with in the black light ....

.... guess who liked that!?  Yep, my freaky balloon loving dog, Sippi.  She's all ready for the rave party.

The kids had fun drawing back drops for their puppet show with highlighter pens.

We made some silly accessories with our neon pipe cleaners.

Mom needs some cool glasses.

Bayne has a cool sword ring.

Aubrey has glasses and a sword.

The three amigos!

I also let the kids decorate their own shirts with fabric puffy paint.

Bayne's shirt - front

Bayne's shirt - back (it says, "I'm the" and an arrow is pointing to a bomb.  LOL!)

Mom's shirt

Aubrey's shirt - back

Aubrey's shirt - front

Puppet show!

Bayne's puppets

Aubrey's puppet - her other one was still wet

Mom's puppets!

Lots of fun, day and night!!!

Tomorrow night I have a glow in the dark Easter Egg hunt planned!!!!  

As much fun as this has been, I'm going to be so ready to send these kids back to school, so I can get a spring break!  :)

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