Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School!!

It's back to school time!!!  I did my best to not buy too many new clothes for the kids.  

My son, Bayne, needed jeans.  I can't really make those, so I bought a couple pairs.

My daughter, Aubrey, is growing like a weed.  She needed new underwear and a few t-shirts.  Two things I also can't really make from scratch.  She also needed some shorts.  Those I CAN make myself.

Recently, my neighbor has taken an interest in what it is I do.  He has his own marketing business.  I had asked him (and anyone and everyone) if he had any old jeans he no longer wears or even shirts because I love to re-fashion things.  Next thing I know he gives me a whole arm full of brand new t-shirts.  He had them as examples for his clients, but the t-shirt end of his marketing business never grew legs.  He also gave me a bunch of old jeans to work with, too.
(I love my neighbors!!)

As soon as I got everything washed up I started thinking up ways to re-fashion the shirts.  Three of them fit Bayne perfect.  I got started thinking up some applique ideas that he would like.  Here is what I came up with.  

My kids both LOVE Super Mario Brothers!

The first idea I had was to make Bayne an Invincible Star shirt.

Then a simple Rock Star shirt.  

Luigi is Bayne's favorite of the two Super Mario Brothers, so I made him a Luigi shirt.

I have been wanting to make Aubrey a cute piano outfit, since she is really enjoying her piano lessons.  I found this cute tank top at American Apparel and appliqued a heart made of piano music fabric.  I love this fabric.  I am making her a pair of shorts (like the ones you will see below) out of this fabric, too, to go with the top.

We had these cute white capri pants Aubrey wore for her Hip Hop recital this summer.  Unfortunately, white is not a good color for anyone in this family.  Somehow she got a big glob of melted chocolate on her back side.  Rather than tossing them, I just covered the stain up with a little applique heart.  It looks so cute on her little behind!

You can see the stain on the inside.  Gross.

As I mentioned, I planned to make Aubrey some shorts.  Here are my first attempt at shorts for her.  I really like them and she seemed to also, which is great!  I have two more pairs cut up and ready to sew. They are so light weight and comfortable.  I also made her Pokemon ball shirt, but not recently. :)

I also finished up this cute CHD Zipper Heart shirt.  I should be listing it for sale soon.  It is size XS, 4/5 Girls.  A little too small for Aubrey, I'm afraid.  It was for an order, but it never went through.  If anyone is interested, feel free to let me know, but it should be listed on Etsy by the end of the week.

Here are my two awesome kiddos, ready for their first day of school!  Their first day was August 29th. Aubrey started Kindergarden and Bayne started Second Grade.  Both of them are growing up so fast!  I love that they both picked out a Super Mario Brothers shirt to wear on their first day.

Aubrey with her Kindercone!

Their father was born in Germany, where his father was stationed in the Army at the time.  His mom adopted some of the German traditions while there and passed them on to him.  One tradition JJ really wanted to pass on to his kids is the Kindercone.  After the first day of Kindergarden the kids come home and receive a cone filled with presents.  Little things like pens, pencils, candy, etc.  We also got a cool set of Star War characters she saw at Disneyland and a mini doodle bear.  As you can see, she was very happy.

We just started day four of school today and so far everyone is still having fun :).  Once I get caught up on all the things I got behind on during the summer I'm going to get back to my sewing machine and get to work.

Hope all of the little ones out there are enjoying their first day's back at school!


  1. These are so cute. The love hearts with the musical notes are adorable.

  2. I like this post so much!Full of fun stuff :))))