Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday Gift For Me!

I celebrated my 36th year on the 17th.  I decided to make myself a gift :).

These fabrics lured me in from the remanent rack at Joanns and I could not resist their temptation!

I have so much fabric at home to work with I really don't need to be buying new prints to work with, but hey ... I found a good excuse.  So I bought it and I sewed together this outfit.

The top I did without a pattern. Here is the process in pictures.

It's not perfect, I could have taken more time to make it more symmetrical, but it still wears nice.

I gave it a longer back. 

The red fabric has little cream colored dogs on it.  It's so light weight and adorable.  It screamed shorts with ruffles, so I tried the first pattern from the group below.

These patterns make great shorts, but I struggle through it every time.  I'm going to keep at it.  Practice makes perfect.

Here is the front,  I added the buttons for a little more style.



I wore it out with a denim jacket and my brown Sanuks (no more heels for this girl!).  The denim complimented it very well.

 Happy Birthday to me!  

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  1. Very Cute! Love that you are making clothes!