Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shirt and Skirt Refashion

I got lucky again!  My neighbor brought me a bunch of clothes a friend of hers was giving away.  A lot of stuff was my size and she knows how much I love fabric, regardless of it's form.  I dug through and found quite a few cute things, a couple of which screamed - REFASHION!!

This shirt stuck out right away.  I like the print and I wanted to like the shirt, but the collar was awful and the sleeves even worse, especially with the black binding.  Plus it was a little too big for me, so it was poorly fitted.  This dress form is a size larger than me, if that gives you a sense of how baggy it was.

Then I got this skirt.  It's not really my style, but it never hurts to have a black skirt in your wardrobe.  I hated the length, so I decided I'd chop it.

For the shirt I took out the pleats on the bottom half of the front of the shirt.

Then I undid the seams on the sides, collar, and bottom hem.  I re-sewed the sides to be more form fitting.  I had to raise the bottom of the shirt up a tad to make it even (since I took out the pleats, it left it uneven).  I re-hemmed the bottom and the top.  I also took off the sleeves and enlarged the arm hole just a tad, since I lost some of the width when I took in the sides.

For the skirt, I just measured where I wanted it to land on my thigh and cut, pressed, hemmed it in place.  Easy peasy.

Finished skirt

Finished top and skirt on my dress form.  It could even work as an outfit.

I think it came out nice.  I'm really happy with the top, I know it will get lots of wear.  The skirt it remains to be seen, but at least I have a nice black skirt if I need one.

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