Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vest For My Best Boy

I try to never take the kids along with me to Joann's for obvious reasons .....

.... but more often than not I have to.  They were really getting into it on this particular trip.  Aside from browsing through the fleece section, they also had fun price checking the thread while I was searching for the zipper I needed.  Bayne stumbled upon this really cool golden spool of thread.  He told me he wanted me to make something for him with it.

Challenge accepted!  With only a golden spool of thread as my inspriation, I set forth looking for an idea.  I was thinking something denim at first.  I have lots of old jeans I could cut up and piece together into something cool.  I was leaning toward a vest.  I had found this cool one on pinterest.


I love it and the lining is cool.  For whatever reason, I didn't feel like making this a refashion and instead dug through my fabric stash for something new to work with.  I had this cool heavy duty brown hemp canvas.  I used one of Bayne's vests to make the pattern. 

I decided on using the blue organic cotton/hemp/lycra fabric I used in the recent dress I made for the lining, since I had so much left over.  I added a nice fusible fleece to both fabrics for warmth and cushioning.  In retrospect, it might have been best if I only used a single layer because his only complaint is that it's heavy. 

I sewed the golden thread as an accent across all the seams and edges of the jacket (I kept the inside thread blue, though).  I think it looks really nice with the brown and blue.  I found a super cool zipper that matched perfectly.  I think it looks so cool on him.  I'm way proud of this creation because I was able to make it without a real pattern and only a spool of thread for inspiration.

Here is my little stud muffin with it on.

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