Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Legging Refashion

This is a quick and weird refashion that requires no sewing.  

I learned this trick from one of my daughters dance teachers.  They wanted them to wear fish net stockings under their shirts for part of their costume for the recital.  She had us cut out the crotch and cut off the toes and slip the stockings on over their heads and under their shirt for a funky look.

I had these cool pair of tie dye leggings.  I love them, but I can't find anywhere in my wardrobe where they work and believe me, I have tried.  

I finally said screw it!  I'm cutting into them!
I cut out the crotch.  These were leggings, so I didn't even need to cut out the feet.

I thought it might be cute under a tank top.  It's been so cold here lately, but I really want to wear my tanks.  I slipped it on under a couple shirts ....

.... What do you think???

Is it too funky and far out??

Or just funky and far out enough to work?


  1. Still trying to figure out how it works. Guess you have to try it out on a pair to understand :-)


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  2. :) Yea, it's a little weird. I was lost when the dance teacher had me do it for my daughter :). You basically put them on opposite. You put your head through the cut out crotch, so the elastic band is around your waist (I roll it up, so it's just under my bust) and slip your arms through the legs and viola!

  3. I love it and am definitely trying it!

  4. Great idea!! Glad to have something to do with leggings or tights that just aren't working as such...maybe this way I can make them work. Thanks!!!