Monday, October 21, 2013

Pretty Little Strip of Fabric Becomes a Funky 70's Tube Top

I was given this cool strip of knit fabric by my mother-in-law.  I love the cool 70's vibe it has.  I cut it before I took a picture of it, but it was one long, thin strip.  There wasn't much I could do with it, but since crop tops were on my mind from my recent refashion, I knew exactly what to do.

First I cut the strip in to four equal size panels.

I used my serger to combine two panels together, right sides out, wrong sides together.

Then I sewed the two new pieces together.  I tapered the sides in as I moved down toward the waist.  I folded the bottom up once and hemmed it.  The top I folded over twice and hemmed it.

Finished top

I plan on wearing it as more of an undershirt, like this, than by itself.  

It was a fun way to use a little piece of fabric.  Now can add a little color under my long button up shirts in the fall.  

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