Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Large Skirt Transforms To Little Crop Top

I am knee deep in creating some new inventory for my Etsy Shop and am busy working to fill a large pencil case order, but somehow I still found time to squeeze in a quick refashion.  

I am horribly selfish with my sewing skills.  It's all about me, people! ;)
  I figure I probably appreciate my skills the most, so why not spoil myself :).  

I bought this skirt from one of my favorite shops that was going out of business.  I had bought one just like it in a different color and a size smaller a while back and I love it.  This one was a large, but I bought it anyway because it was on super clearance and well .... I kinda went a little grabby nuts in the store since I knew it was my last chance to shop there.  So far this skirt hasn't made it into my wardrobe.  It's just a bit to large and makes me look bulky in my already bulky backside.  

Here it is before.
To the cutting floor it goes!

Since I do love the other skirt so much I decided to trace a pattern for the pieces, so I can make more in the future in a smaller size.  Bonus!  I'll have to find something stretchy to refashion with this pattern.

I already had a vision in mind for this refashion.  I have a thing for crop tops.  I am secretly excited that they are coming back into style.  I know it may not be appropriate for a 37 year old mother of two to be running around town with her belly ring hanging out ... but hey ... it's L.A.  Anything goes in this crazy town.  At least, that's what I tell myself.  (Although, I don't think I will be doing school drop off and pick up in this new shirt.)  I love the new trend of coupling a crop top with a high waisted skirt or pair of pants.  Here are some cute crop tops in action in the fashion world:

I want to try to do a more fitted crop top next like the ones above and below.  Maybe not quite as bra looking as the top ones, but I like the fitted look, like the one below.  I'm thinking I could easily use a bodice pattern from one of my dress patterns and just hem it across the bottom instead of adding a skirt to it.

I love the look of a high waisted skirt with a crop top.

This print is just too cute!  I want that outfit.  I may have to use this as inspiration.  If I can find the right fabric I may try to reproduce it. I don't know if I can pull this look off, though.  Might be a bit too young for me.  

The high waisted a-line skirt with the crop top is my favorite.  My goal is to make myself a high waisted a-line skirt in grey to go with my new crop top.  Possibly another refashion in the near future????
Hmmmm.... we will see.

And here is the finished top! 

I didn't really document the process, but basically I seam ripped apart the whole skirt leaving the hem in place along the bottom.  I had to rip it open at the side seams a little when I took it in and then hemmed the sides back up.  I used the front and back waist band for the shoulder straps and hemmed the top of the shirt with a double fold hem (bottom was single fold).

It's super comfy!  I have a cute knit sweater I can wear over it and some high waisted black pants I can wear with it now, until I make a skirt.  It looks ok with this jersey skirt for a super casual look, but I would probably wear it with a knit sweater or over shirt.  

Summer may be gone, but it lives on in my mind and in my wardrobe.  What can I say, I'm just a Southern California girl.

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