Friday, January 3, 2014

Fabric Art for Family

This year my goal was to hand make as many gifts as possible for the family for Christmas.  Not only for financial reasons, but because to me a gift from the heart is special.  My time is the most valuable thing I have, so I figure putting my time into a gift, rather than money is just as good.  

This piece of fabric art I made for my Father and Mother in Law. 
Whenever they mail us gifts they always address themselves as Jackson Northwest, us as Jackson West, and the family on the East Coast, Jackson East.

I wanted to make something simple and home-y.  I used scrap fabric that I save from other projects.  The only thing I had to buy to make these was the canvas I applied it to at the end.

I thought this would make a perfect gift for my kids dad, too.  So I made him one that said Jackson West.

I have more fun making fabric art. 
You may be seeing many, many more of these in the future …. 

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