Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pokemon PJ's

 My kids love Pokemon! 
It's one thing they play nicely together.

I was fabric shopping in downtown LA for some basic linings and I stumbled across this cheesy, generic Pikachu fabric.  You cannot find Pokemon fabric or sheets anywhere, so I had to grab this.  Even if it wasn't the trademark Pikachu.

I decided to make them a pair of matching pi's for a Christmas present.
They loved them and both wanted to wear them right away.
Happy Mom!
Happy Poke-Trainers!

Here they are playing their newly acquired WiiU they received from Santa Claus in their comfy, new Pokemon pjs made by Mom.

I used the same pattern for the pants that I used in this post: PJ's for my Posse.
I purchased both shirts at Target and cut out two Pikachu's leaving two inches of space around and applied no sew heat bond to the back of the Pikachu.  Then I cut close around the edge of the Pikachu image on the fabric and pressed it to the shirt.  You just have to be sure to hang dry anything made with the no sew heat bond or it will pull away from the shirt.

Love my sweet little Poke Monsters!

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