Monday, May 5, 2014

A Vest for my Little Pioneer

My son's school has been studying the Native Americans and American Pioneers.  The 3rd grade has a fun event each year where the kids have to dress up like pioneers and spend the day living life like it was during those times.  The girls dress up in bonnets, long dresses, and aprons.  The boys wear long shirts, pants, hats, suspenders, or vests.  They all have to sit separately and play separately.  They churn their own butter, make their own ice cream, and do other fun crafts throughout the day.  At lunch they have a fun chili picnic that the parents are allowed to join.  Super fun, cute day.

I didn't really have anything pioneer like for Bayne and I didn't have much time to make anything.  I decided I would go to the thrift store for pants, rummage through my mens shirt collection from my neighbor, and make him a vest and belt.

I scored a nice pair of Calvin Klein corduroy brown pants at the thrift store for $3. They were a size too big, but that was perfect. The pioneers children often wore oversized clothing because everything was passed down from father, to son, to brother, etc.  I found a great shirt for him to use in my stash.  It was huge on him, but again, it fit the part.  The vest was a must to keep the shirt in place and make him not look so frumpy.  I used this pattern.  I had to make it a size larger than the largest cut because the kid is so big he no longer fits my kid patterns :(.  (sniff, sniff) 

Here is my pioneer in his finished outfit.  
We used his dress up Indiana Jones hat and I made him a braided belt from jute twine to hold up his pants :).

Like the pioneer woman I am, I used fabric and buttons I had on hand for his vest.  I used hemp for the front and the lining is a medium brown cotton.  Vintage buttons to boot.

I think he looks sharp as a pioneer!
Here he is enjoying his lunch with his pioneer buddies.

I went to the lunch to help set up/clean up and hang out with my little man.
Of course, I had to dress the part.  I made this shirt and skirt many moons ago.  The fabric was super cheap and I wanted to play with the pattern.  It screams little house on the prairie.  I love these two pieces separately, but I never wear them together.  Today, though, it worked perfect as a pair.

I'm not sure what we are going to do when Aubrey is in 3rd grade.  She was in tears when I dropped her off that day.  She was crying about having to wear a dress … you know, that one day ... two years from now ... when it's her turn to do Pioneer Day in 3rd grade.  
She is such a silly little girl.  Hopefully, she will come around by then.  
I have my doubts.  
I hope the teachers will be flexible with her.


  1. It's really a nice pionner !!!

  2. She can certainly wear her brother's pioneer gear! I'm sure there were pioneer tomboys ;)