Thursday, April 24, 2014

Special K Pillow

It was my neighbors birthday this past Sunday.  I wanted to make him a little something.  He's always so supportive of my craft.  He also gives me tons of shirts and pants (i.e. material) to work with.  I have made him a couple things in the past with jeans he has given me.  I figured I would work with a shirt of his this time.  This one was pretty well stained, so there wasn't too much I could do with it as far as wearable refashions go.

I had an idea for a way to make use of it.  This idea will also help me make use of this letter pattern I bought a while ago and still haven't used.
(So many good intentions, so little time!)

The fabric needed a little color and design, so I pulled out my new stamp and some orange speedball screen printing ink and set the shirt on some styrofoam to prepare it for stamping.

Stamping starfish is kinda fun!  I need a little stamping practice, though.  Luckily this project was perfect for practice.  Mistakes pass for an artsy look on a pillow ;).

Here it is all stamped, drying.

I heat set all the silk screening ink with a hot iron once the ink dried.

Looks like K was the lucky first letter to be used in the pack!

I lined it with some white fabric, so it wouldn't be see through.

And here is the finished pillow!  Perfect for his white couch in our beachy apartments.  I think he has an orange pillow on his couch, too.  I'm not sure, but something made me go for orange :).

I think he liked it!  
I have been dying to do these for the kids, too.  
One of these days!

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