Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vintage Scarves Turned Beachy Boho Cover Up

My mother-in-law is awesome.  She has been searching the thrift stores in her town for cool, vintage fabrics.  She sent me a couple of head scarfs recently.  They reminded me so much of my Grandma.  She had drawers full of these beautiful scarves.  Oh, how I wish I would have been older when she became ill.  I would have loved to have a collection of all her vintage clothing and accessories.

Here is one of the scarves.  I saw it the other day and instantly had an idea.

I thought it would make a cute lightweight cover up top for the beach.  I took one of my comfy shirts and used it to cut out a collar.

I just folded it in half and half again and cut the hole.  Then unfolded one fold and made the front of the neck hole a bit deeper.

Then I sewed the corners to create a sleeve and waist.  

Cut out the little rectangles on either end.

And viola.  A shirt was born.  
I carefully sewed the neckline, just turning it under as I sewed.  I was too lazy to even press.  It came out fine, regardless.

Here is my finished beachy cover up shirt.

I had another scarf and this was so easy that I had to make another one.  

Once the June gloom burns off and the waves come back, these shirts are ready to take me to the beach!


  1. I came over from Refashion Coop to get a better look at your adorable scarf tops! Really they are just too pretty!!!!

  2. Very cute and great idea!

  3. OH GOD I LOVE THIS. I aspire to one day make as many lovely creations as you have. Thanks so much for sharing your projects, I'll be following!

  4. Hi!
    LOVE both tops! The fabrics are beautiful!!!
    kisses from Portugal!