Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Big Boy Bedroom for Bayne

For my son's 10th birthday (in December), I decided he needed his own room.  Previously, he was sharing it with his little sister.  

These are some very old picture of the room when we first moved in.  We got rid of these beds and moved them into bunk beds shortly after.  I painted the room as gender neutral as possible, while still making it fun and playful.  They had a big sun in the center of the room, some clouds, and even a rainbow.

But my big boy is growing into a man and he needed his own man cave, so let the painting begin.

My little helper :)

My son chose red and a dark brown for his color theme.

Their dad found this perfect frame.  I wanted a chalkboard wall for his room, so I pained to wall with chalk board paint and hung the frame around it.

I got him a bunch of cool gaming posters because he wanted a gaming theme in his room.  I also made him a cool checker board quilt to match the theme and colors.

And for his birthday his dad got him his very own computer.  I clearly failed to get a picture of the wall that is brown and the computer in front of it, but it's there ;).

Quite a big transformation. 
And he loves it!
And I love him <3

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