Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gifts for Little People

I have been busy making lots of little things for lots of peoples little ones!  It's fun, since mine are big now and are rather picky about what they will wear.

I made this cute outfit for a friends 1 year old daughter:

Oh my God, isn't she the cutest thing!!!

My daughters teacher was pregnant, so for the end of school gift we made her a blanket.  We made our own print using foam stickers, an old piece of glass, and screen printing ink.  We used dinosaurs because in second grade they do a dinosaur report.  We chose blue and yellow because those are our school colors.  

Finished piece:

We also made her these cool sensory blocks for her baby when the class threw a surprise baby shower.

One of my friends recently had a baby, so I made him a cool patchwork quilt he can use to change the baby on.  This is made with my childrens old jeans that I cut up and vintage cowboy fabric.

I made him some sensory cubes, too.

It's so fun to make things for little people. 

I hope everyone enjoys their little handmade gifts!

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