Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Therapy For My Dry Hand Blues

I learned how to make this wonderful homemade exfoliator for the hands and I figured I should share since the dry season is upon us. This is so simple, natural, and you probably already have all the ingredients needed.  It takes just a second to make and it makes your hands and skin feel amazing!

All you need is some olive oil and sugar.  It can be cheap granulated sugar and olive oil or the good stuff ... you won't need much of either ingredient.  I used what I had in my pantry.  I only had organic sugar and I'm glad I did because it is more coarse, which made for a more abrasive scrub.  The regular sugar works great, too.

Mix together a small amount of the two ingredients.  I just winged it.  Start with a tbsp of oil and add the same amount of sugar and add more sugar if necessary.  That should be enough for you hands.  The amount I made was enough for my hands, elbows, and face.  You can use it anywhere on your body.  The olive oil is great for your skin.  You could also use coconut oil or almond oil, too.  Both of those oils are wonderful and nourishing for your skin (... and your hair, too!).

I don't know about you, but my hands are suffering right now.  They desperately needed the therapy!  I hope this helps relieve some of your dry hand blues, too.

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