Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What does a Sticky Genius do on her one and only kid free day off for weeks?

I bet you will never guess.  I can think of several better ways that I could have spent my one day off.  Normally, the kids go to their Dad's house every other weekend, which is fun for everyone!  I get some free time to shop without whining, sew without being interrupted, have a complete thought.  They get some good Pops time in, and of course, Pops gets to have fun with the ones he loves the most.  Win win!  This weekend would have been his weekend, but he is going to visit his family, so the kids are all mine for 3 WHOLE WEEKS!

You think that I would just sit on my behind, drink wine, and stare at the tv with my one day off ... but no .... that is just not my style.  What did I do, then?  Well .... I went a little crazy ...

... and I broke out the paint!

And I painted my work wall!  It went from boring white to a beautiful "fountain sprout" blue.  Blue is my favorite color.  My work wall - where my sewing machines are located and I do most of my work- should be inspiring, not boring.  Here is a before photo of my work wall.

And here it is after:

It's hard to get a good picture with my iPhone, but hopefully you can see the color difference!  I changed the pictures around on the walls, too.  Now this wall has art pieces from members of my family.  My Grandmother painted the photo on the upper left above the heater.  She was an amazing artist.  Next to that on the top is a painting my daughter, Aubrey, did.  Bayne, my son, did the one with no frame and the one above my coat and purse rack is a needlepoint piece done by my Great Grandfather. He did hundreds of these and they are amazing.  I have been looking at these since I was born.  I think that is where my love of texture and appliqué came from.  The other picture of a tree is just a target bought thing that says "believe".  That may move.  I have a plan for the empty space.  Stay tuned for that!  I have a large wave fabric art piece that is normally there, but I am moving that to the wall above the tv.  I don't have any room to move around the furniture (which I love to do from time to time), so it looks like moving photos, pictures and painting walls is how I have to make changes.  I still plan to paint the rest of the living room.  I love the blue so much I think I might paint this wall blue ...

I have another color I plan on using in the living room called Havana Cream.  I think I may use that on the wall where the window is and the wall where the tv is.  That way when you open up the door and walk in you will be greeted by a blue wall - which would be the wall you see above.  What do you think?  Should that wall be blue or cream?  The other blue wall is on the right in this photo.

And if that wasn't productive enough ... I decided since I was already covered in paint and the bathroom had just been cleaned, I may as well paint that, too!  I have been wanting to paint it since I moved in, but there is nothing worse than painting a bathroom.  It's small, there are tons of tight corners.  I always have to pee after I wrap the toilet in plastic, and you are swimming in paint fumes.  I sucked it up and got to work ... regretting my decision about 20 minutes into taping, but there was no turning back.  Here is a before (well during) shot (luckily I remembered to do this before I started painting!)

I had about a half gallon of some yellow paint my friend had given me that she had used in her bathroom.  I always loved her little yellow bathroom.  Here is my yellow bathroom:

It is YELLOW!  I think it's because it is so small and I had to do the ceiling because I ran out of tape - D'oh!  That was my solution to that problem :).

I think it will take a little getting use to, but it's cute and its not white!  That's for sure.

***UPDATE**** The yellow in the bathroom is driving me crazy!  It is way WAY to yellow.  It looks nice in this photo, but when you are surrounded by it in that tight little space and the light is on it has a neon/lime effect going on and I cannot hang.  The kids don't seem bothered by it, though.  I have some off white paint and I think I'm going to repaint the ceiling white and if that doesn't help I'm going to color wash the walls with the off white, too, just to tone it down.  It's killing me!

Now that the kids are home for a full week from school for the holiday break and I'm getting ready to make my Thanksgiving meal list and start my two day cook fest, I'm thinking these walls are nice and pretty, but that couch, wine, and tv are sounding pretty nice right about now.  Maybe in three weeks :)

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  1. Beautiful! I always love the colors you chose.