Monday, February 27, 2012

A Whole New Room

I finally finished the re-do I have had mentally planned for my living room.  For quite some time now, I have been slowly and steadily working toward my vision.  I posted about this project in the past in a post called What does a Sticky Genius do on her one and only kid free day off for weeks?  At that point I had only tackled one of the walls in my living room and the bathroom.  I still wanted to paint the remaining three walls in the living room.  On top of the painting, I have also been wanting to purchase this stuff called Art Film Window Decor.  We live on a very busy main street and our front living room window faces the street and it doesn't allow for very much privacy.  I don't like to draw the blinds ever and I only slightly open them enough to let light in and keep peeping eyes out.  I have been searching for some solutions (aside from sheer curtains or drapes because I think it would crowd the room and end up with dog hair all over them) that would help remedy both of these issues ... and I do believe I found it!  It was SOOO easy to do and it looks AMAZING!  Take a look ....

Above is the Art Film Window Decor I purchased at Home Depot.  They range from $20-$24 and there are several different styles.  It comes in a pre-glued roll with a squeegee in a 24" x 36" sheet.  I had to cut mine down just a hair to get it to fit.  All it requires is a clean window and some slightly soapy water and elbow grease.  I had these up in less than 30 minutes with no help.  I LOVE how it came out!  Now I can draw the blinds up half way and let light in through the stained glass bottom and slightly open the blinds up top enough to allow more light in, but still keep eyes out.  I may add more to the top window, but for now I am going to leave it as is and see how I like it.

Fountain Sprout blue meets Havana Cream

I also re-painted my bathroom, somewhat, a few weeks back.  The yellow was just too yellow, so I went over it with a wet rag and white paint and just sort of color washed the walls with it.  It completely subdued the yellow and I like it so much more now.  It's hard to get a decent picture because of the small space, but here it is:

Next up is the garden!!  Grandpa and Grandma Moses are coming up for Aubrey's birthday in a couple weeks and are also going to help me build a cover for my garden bed to keep the pests out and pick some good veggies to plant.  I already got a couple plants for my front patio to plant this week.  I bought two vine lilacs that I hope will trellis along my drift wood fence I built.  Bayne picked out a jade plant and Aubrey picked out a nice aloe plant.  I picked up a little cactus for one of our empty small pots and some marigolds for the other random empty small pots I have to add some color.  I can't wait to start adding some more herbs to my patio!  Got to get that veggie bed in the back planted first.  Spring is on it's way!

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