Monday, February 6, 2012

Some More Things I Can Check Off the To-Do List

Well, It's February and I swore that I would finish working on all of my personal projects by the end of January and get back to business making some bags and other things to sell.  

I still had a couple things I had to finish up last week and I'm proud to say, as of this morning, I am finished!  (Of course, there is still that rubbermaid container filled with dresses cut and ready to sew from my free vintage fabric, but I try to tackle those a little at a time)

This first project was a lot of fun.  It was love at first sight with the fabric.  Baby blue flannel with brown accents, perfect colors and oh so soft.  I thought it would make a cute winter dress.  I searched everywhere to see if I could find a flannel dress on line for some inspiration, but I couldn't find a single one!  I decided to use a pattern I had used before.  I love how the other dress came out, but this time I tried one of the other bodice options.  

I'm very pleased with how it turned out. 

In my fabric closet organization frenzy I found an old dress that I shoved in there because I liked the fabric, but hated the dress.  I decided it needed to become a cute little sheer skirt, perfect for the beach.  I'm actually wearing it today with a pair of brown leggings and my new Channel Islands blue jacket.  Feeling every bit of winter beach hippie today.

See this green shirt with orange stripes below?  I found it on a clearance rack at Target for under $5.  I like the shirt, but it just isn't finding a good fit in my wardrobe.  And although my main squeeze here, Mr. Scarecrow, seems to like it, I think I found a better use for it.  I recently got another shirt off the Target rack for under $5 (sensing a habit????  I'm like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter when I get near the clearance rack) and this one has been begging me to give it a cute skirt to be paired with.

And now my two Target clearance rack scores are together at last as one.  The shirt easily turned into a stretch skirt.

Remember my black sweater?  I turned it's white twin sister into this cute midriff sweater.  I decided to hold onto this one, because you never know when you will need a black sweater.  I liked it, but it was still a little too baggy on the sides.  I decided to take it in a bit.

Here it is now after I gave it a little better fit.

Of course I had to throw one more thing into my To-Do pile at the last minute.  It's from the big rubbermaid container of cut patterns and vintage fabric.  Remember my Fun with Free Vintage Fabric post?  This is fabric from the same pile of fabric from that post.  I didn't notice it had some stains on it, but it still came out cute.  Here is what I did with the yellow gingham vintage fabric I acquired ....

.... a fun little apron :)

I also hemmed 4 pairs of pants :).  

Now I am busy working on a few zipper heart shirts for CHD Awareness day.  

Once I finish those, I think I am going to randomly pick some fabric out of my closet and see what it wants to become :)  

I hope you have a productive work week!

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