Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A "Totally Not Me" Dress

I have been slowly working my way through all the vintage fabric I was given by a neighbors friend.  I have posted all my creations along the way.  I had only one dress and a shirt left to sew from this pile of fabric and patterns you see below.

I paired the grey and coral fabric together (upper right hand corner) and chose the pattern below to experiment with.  I used pattern A.  The fabric wasn't exactly the perfect fabric for the pattern, but I went for it anyway.

 Here is how it came out.  It is completely lined with the coral fabric.  The grey is pretty sheer.  I had to add a bow to the front of the midriff because the seams were showing through the coral fabric and the fabric sort of hung limply on the top instead of being bunched up.  Just not a good fabric choice for that type of gathering.  I'm not a huge fan of bows, but it kind of works.

Here is a side view.

And the back.  I haven't pressed it yet ... oops!

It took me forever to get around to doing this dress.  It's not a favorite for me.  I'm not sure if it was the fabric that I wasn't feeling or the pattern.  I doubt I would have ever picked these fabrics to work with if they hadn't been given to me for free.  I was a little hasty in making this dress, too, since I wasn't really feeling it.  I cut it a little short.  I probably could have taken even more time perfecting the midriff.  Sewing takes a lot of time and altering takes forever!  There is a point when you have to assess how many hours of wear a garment is going to get against how many hours you spend constructing it.  I don't really think this dress will get much wear, so it is what it is and here it is on me.

I realized something after I tried this on and that is that I really don't like gathered bodices.  I have another dress I made that I want to like, but every time I wear it it bugs me  ....  and it's the gathered bodice!  I actually went in and tacked down some of the gathers on either side of the bodice on this dress near the midriff.  It was super bubbly on the sides.  I guess I just prefer something a little more fitted.  We will see if this gets any wear.  Not sure what it would be good for, but it most likely be hanging in my closet until spring.  

At least I can check it off my list.  Only one more garment to go from my Fun With Free Vintage Fabric collection.  I fired up the Serger for the first time the other day, which I need in order to finish the final garment.  That thing is crazy!  I'm going to need a little time getting to know my new Brother before I tackle it.  That and a LOT more thread.  

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