Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Party

I'm so excited!  

My kids are finally old enough to introduce them to the wonderful series of Harry Potter books.  Well, maybe only my (almost) eight year old, Bayne.  It might be a little too involved for Aubrey, 5 1/2, who is not at all satisfied with the tiny little drawing at the top of each chapter as pictures.  Books simply MUST have pictures in Aubreyland. She's been a good sport and wanders off and entertains herself durning some of the longer chapters.  Bayne, on the other hand, would have me read the book cover to cover in one night.  If we run late to bed and have to skip a night of reading he gets SO upset.  I secretly find joy in this.

I adore his passion for reading.

So we started and we finished the very first Harry Potter book.  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Neither of my kids have ever seen the movies, so I thought if the book was a hit we could have a little Harry Potter Book Finished / Movie Viewing Party!  

I picked out one craft for us to do.  I found this great blog post on how to make your own Harry Potter wand.  It seemed easy enough and I had all the supplies.  They came out really cool!  

I will let you in on a secret the original blog poster did not tell you.  It is a serious labor of love.  You will need SEVERAL glue sticks.  I made a huge dent in my 100 pack, okay!  And my poor hand ... oh man!  I got a blister on my thumb from trigger finger.  If you have carpal tunnel, get some help with this.  It's not something the kids can help you with either, since it's hot glue.  Two wands was the limit for me.  They are pretty cool and sturdy, though.  I added a clear sealant over mine, just to prevent the paint from chipping off, since we used cheap Crayola washable paint.

While our wands dried, we popped on the flick!  
They all look so little, don't they?

I made hot chocolate with marshmallows ...

.... got Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (aka: Jelly Belly Beans) ....

...got Chocolate Covered Frogs (aka: Junior Mints) ...

.... and some Kettle Corn ...

... and we munched and we watched and we enjoyed!

I even had all the tree trimmings ready for us to decorate our tree during the Christmas time part of the movie.  

After the movie, Aubrey seemed to be WAY more interested in reading the next book.  Hopefully it will help for her to have some idea of who the characters are and what they look like.  She's really enjoying her wand.  She is queen of pretend play.  She has been running around shouting "Winguardium Leviosa" and making her stuffed animals fly into the air.  So cute!

Here are the kids trying to turn each other into frogs, no doubt.  

The best part for me about was after watching the movie that night when I put them to bed I asked Bayne which he liked more, the book or the movie.  With no hesitation his response was the book.  

That's my boy!

We started Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets tonight.  The second book in the series. 
We are all very excited!  Even though I have read the series before it is even more fun to share the magic and bring it to life with my kids!

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