Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mens Dress Trousers Transform to High Waisted A-line Skirt

I recently refashioned a skirt into a crop top and while I loved the outcome, I felt like it needed a high waisted A-line skirt to carry the look.  I had the perfect pair of mens grey dress trousers.  They had a nice stretch and the color was a good match.

Here are the pants on to get an idea of size.

I turned the pants inside out and cut out all of the lining in the legs.

I decided to use a new pattern I haven't tried yet.  New Look 6053.  I used pattern A.

I pinned the pattern to the leg of the pant and cut as best I could.  I definitely had to alter the pattern a bit by narrowing it near the hem.  I added a vent to both sides of the skirt to compensate for this.

I cut the facing for the waist band from what remained of the pants.

Sewed it all together and adjusted the fit a few times to make it just right (or close enough, anyway).  

Here is the finished skirt with the top I recently refashioned.

It has a little side zipper.

The center front and back have a seam line running down them from the side seam of the pant leg, but luckily it is very hard to see.

Little side vent at the bottom of the skirt to make for easy movement.  

I just need to throw on a pair of cool black tights and a nice jacket and we are good to go!

The skirt is surprisingly comfy and easy to move in.  I will definitely do another refashion like this in the future if I get my hands on a nice pair of trousers.  It's possible I may even have a black pair waiting in my refashion pile.  

Wouldn't that be perfect?  

I bet you'll hear about it if I do!


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