Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CHD Awareness Zipper Heart Shirts

I finally finished a new batch of my CHD Awareness Zipper Heart Shirts.
WAY past Valentine's Day / CHD Awareness Day, when I sell most of these, but hey … I'm totally ready for next year!!!  These shirts are easily my best sellers.  I would love to get more of these out into the CHD community.  Every little special heart child deserves a cool zipper heart shirt. 

As most of you know, these shirts were inspired by my daughter, who was born with a very serious Congenital Heart Defect called Tetralogy of the Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia.  She has had 2 heart surgeries so far and faces more through out her lifetime.  She proudly wears her "zipper scar" from her surgeries on her chest.  I thought this was a fun way for her to wear it on her shirt as well, so everyone can see just what a brave little heart warrior she is.  Scars are cool.  They make you look tough ;).

Here are my awesome little people helping model the new inventory.  

We have my beautiful heart warrior modeling the royal blue, long sleeve, girls zipper heart shirt.

The zipper really works.

You can even stash stuff inside.  A great place to hold onto lunch money :).

And my big man modeling the boys, navy blue, short sleeve zipper heart shirt.

What's in your heart Mister?

I have several of these shirts for sale on my Etsy page in many different sizes.  I have some black, long sleeve for boys, and white short sleeve for girls, too.  If you don't see a size or color you like, feel free to send me a message and I can custom make one for you.
Visit My Sticky Genius Shop to order one or share it with someone you know who has a little one living with CHD.  

My daughter is 1 in 100.  
Spread Awareness of CHD to help find a cure.
Support stem cell research, it is our best hope for a cure.
Become a blood and organ donor.  Donating blood and/or organs saves lives like my daughter.
Thank you!!

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