Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Puppet Theater for the Princess

I love taking my kids to the different aquariums, either in town or when we visit other beach areas.  For some reason all of them seem to have a puppet theater area.  Aubrey always loves to play in the puppet theater area.
For … ever.
It's adorable and I oblige as much as possible, but the germaphobe in me is secretly cringing over all the gross, dirty, hundred year old, million sticky hands have touched them puppets.
I thought a good gift for her birthday would be a nice puppet theater of her own.
I used fabric I had on hand and trims I had laying around.  I only had to buy the suspension rods to make this.

The cloth I tie dyed years ago and never found a use for.  The curtains where given to me by their Grammy.  They were perfect, since most of the sewing was done on them.  I just added some lace trim and gathered them up.

I even made a little case to store it in when it's all rolled up.  I used some vintage fabrics I was given to make it.

Gotta love the funky 60's butterflies print.

We do have a few puppets, but I thought it would be fun to make an Aubrey puppet.  She got to help with this project.

Here's Puppet Aubrey!!!

And here is the real Aubrey having fun with her new (CLEAN) puppet theater!

One of the other little gifts I made her for her birthday were bean bags for juggling.  She's been really into learning to juggle for some reason.  I had all these stupid pearler beads left.  Those things were NOT a hit, but I found a great use for them!  They are the beans in the bags.  I used more of the funky 60's butterfly fabric to make them.  

It's like a circus in this house.  
Animals, juggling acts, a couple of clowns, and a crazy ring master!

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