Monday, April 14, 2014

Little Red Corduroy Pants

I'm WAAAAAAY behind on blogging my creations.  I have so many new things I have made recently that I want to share.  I made a few cute things for Aubrey's birthday, so I will start there.  I hope to have all my new stuff up on the blog by the end of the week.  I also hope that by typing that out here in cyber space, it will help motivate me to do that.  
We will see!

Aubrey is just not the girly girl.  I have made so many cute dresses and skirts for her, but there is no point.  She just won't wear them.  Which is a little bit of a bummer because she is just so pretty.  On the other hand, I'm a tomboy, too, so I have a greater appreciation for the person she is.  I love that she likes to play hard and get dirty.  It's a little hard to do that in a dress and skirt, in my opinion.  I, myself, grew up in izod t-shirts and corduroy pants from the boys section at Sears for the same reasons.  I was just like her … always running with the boys, rough and tumble, never wear a dress or skirt, kind of girl.  I've embraced my little mini-me and her fashion preferences and decided to give up the dress/skirt patterns and start focusing on making her cute/cool pants and shorts instead.  

This is by far one of my favorite, most used pattern.  

It is so easy and versatile.  I use it to make all the kids PJ pants (See here: Pokemon PJ's  and here: PJ's for my Posse) and also regular pants, too.  I add a pocket to the front when I make regular pants to give them a little more day wear look and feel.  

Here is the pair of red corduroys that I made my for Aubrey as a gift for her birthday.

Here they are on my sweet little girl  totally cool tomboy.  Complete with her special CHD zipper heart shirt (also made by me - you will see more of these for sale in a post soon) and a hand-me-down flannel from her big brother, Bayne.  This is about as fashionista as we get with this girl … lol.  I'm hoping to try to make more cool pants and possibly some vests of something to snazzy her up a bit and give her a little more style, but still practical, comfy, and cool.

I had this corduroy left over from a dress I made her a few years back.  Even then it wasn't easy to dress her up, but I still could get her to wear a pretty dress for special occasions like Easter.  Gone are the days!  This is probably my favorite dress I ever made for her.  I'm keeping it for future grandkids ;).

She makes a beautiful girly girl and tomboy.  I sure love my blond hair, blue eyed girl!

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