Thursday, September 11, 2014

PJ's - Presentable Jammies

I don't know about you, but my pj's are not very cute.  In fact, my pj drawer is basically a graveyard for old clothes that are too far gone to be worn in public.  The embarrassing, stained, over washed clothes that I love too much to let go, eventually make their way into my pj drawer and, basically, that is all I have in there at this point.  Nothing cute.  Nothing I want to even wear outside to take the dog out to do her duty.  It is finally time for me to do something about this.

I have lots of great fabric my mother-in-law gave me that is light weight and screams comfy, cute pj fabric.  You know how I feel about this by now … when fabric talks to me … I listen!

I decided to use a grey floral and a peach lining fabric.

I wanted to make a cute button up top, so I pulled out one of my dress patterns.

I have used this pattern once before to make my 4th of July Dress.  I figured I could use the bodice pattern and just hem the bottom to make it into a top.

For the pj pants, I pulled out this new pattern I recently got, but haven't yet used.

I really like this pattern.  I had to take a lot off the top of the pant to make them fit correctly and I omitted the pockets because I didn't have enough of the fabric to make them.  I love the way they look and fit, though, and see a lot of these in my future.

Here is the finished product:

The pants are so comfy!  The bodice might even be a little too cute for pj's.  

I love the cute little vintage buttons :)

The print is super cute on the pants, too.

Now I can I look less like a homeless person and far more presentable when I go outside in my pj's on my lazy, lounge days.  

I think I see one of these days in my very near future.  
Gotta wear in them jammies!

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