Friday, September 5, 2014

T-Shirt to Tank Top Refashion

Summer is over and school is back in.  Somehow we survived it all.  Now it's time to get back to work!

    I did a quick t-shirt refashion, so I can stay a part of the Refashion Co-op blog group that I participate in.  I picked this slightly too big and stained t-shirt to work with.  I didn't get a before pic of it on, but it is just your regular shirt that was headed for the PJ drawer because of the size and stain.  It is just a little too cute for that, though, so refashion to the rescue!

You can see the stains on the arms of the t-shirt.  It was on the back of both sleeves and some of the side of the shirt, so those pieces had to go.

I took an another tank top (This was a refashion, also.  It used to be a mens t-shirt) and used it to draw my pattern, leaving some allowance for the seam.

Easy enough.  
Now I have my tank top shape.  
I serged the side seams together first and tried it on for fit.

I took the scraps from the sides of the shirt and used them to finish the armholes and neckline.  I also saved the finished hem from the bottom of the shirt to add on at the end.

I folded the strips in half and serged them first.  Then I measured them to the arm and neck hole and sewed them into a circle that is the correct size for each hole.  I pinned them to the right side of the shirt and serged around it.

I pressed the seam to the inside.  Here is a look at the first finished armhole.

I did that for the other arm and neckline.  I did basically the same thing for the bottom.  I took the existing hemline that I had cut off, created a circle that fit the measurements of the bottom of the shirt, and then serged it back on.  I pressed all of the seams toward the inside of the shirt and then sewed them down with a straight stitch to hold them in place.
Here is a blurry view:

 Now for the finished product:

Way more fitted, flattering, wearable, and cute!
Another t-shrit was saved from the dreaded PJ drawer.  
(There's no room in there anyway!!)
This was a very successful refashion rescue mission, I believe.


  1. Love your fun surfy style! Seems strange that I used to customise my big tshirts by creating a tie knot with a hairband - and all the while having a sewing machine! Great job

  2. Wow!!! I'm impressed!! You did an awesome job on this refashion!!

  3. Hi!
    Great refashion! And you picked the right t-shirt to do this! Very girly!
    kisses from Portugal!