Saturday, September 6, 2014

Whale Pillow

This is just a fun and simple refashion.

I took this old hawaiian shirt.

I drew a couple sketches of a whale.
(It looks like one of my kids drew it, though … lol)

Took a pair of old jeans.
(not pictured)

Grabbed my stuffing, a needle, thread, my sewing machine and ...

Thar she blows!!!!

We now have a super cute whale pillow to match our couch and add to our beachy living room decor.  The kids love this little guy.  Bayne is always swinging it around by the tail or laying on it.  

He was pretty easy to make, too.  I actually made one with different fabric for my landlord, too.  He runs a sport fishing and whale watching business and I thought it would be a cute gift for him, since he takes such good care of us here.

I like these little guys so much I may make a few extra and list them on my Etsy page.

Good flukin' idea, right?

Ahhh …. I'm a sucker for a good whale pun. :)

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