Monday, September 22, 2014

Tropical Shorts

I am loving the tropical prints right now.  
Especially after my resent muu'muu refashion.  
My MIL sent me another vibrant tropical print she found at the thrift store.  
I decided I wanted to make some shorts this time.  There was almost enough fabric.  I had to ad-lib with the pockets a bit.

I used this McCall's pattern that I love.  It makes perfect shorts.  The pattern is a little challenging at first (and the third time!!!), but it is getting a little easier each time I use it.  The fit is fantastic on these, so it is worth the struggle.

I have used this pattern three times now.  This is the second time I have used the bottom pattern.  The first time I made it out of mens grey wool suiting fabric.  I have also used the top pattern once out of a super cute, silky, red fabric with little dogs printed on it as a birthday present for myself.  This time I used the bottom pattern again, but I changed the pockets and the waistband a bit.  The waistband is what gives me the most trouble with this pattern.

Here is how they came out:

I added a button to it because it looked so plain without it.   These are kinda fun and novelty looking to me, so they needed a big, novelty, blue button.  I didn't have enough fabric to make the pockets, so I did my best to match the front facing piece that shows most.  I used a vintage, turquoise, corduroy fabric.  

 The inside of the pocket that faces back I used an orange lining.  

They fit perfect.  So comfortable.  I love that they are a little on the high waisted side.  It's such a fun print, it makes me happy to wear it.  

I am definitely feeling the tropical floral prints.  I am going to have to be on the lookout for more prints like this.  I think they fit my beachy style perfectly.

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