Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marina's Ready to Travel!

Remember Marina?  She is the little plush doll I got for my daughter, Aubrey, for Christmas.  

I've had some fun making a couple little dresses for her.  

Aubrey is ready for Marina to have some new accessories.  She wanted her to have her very own sleeping bag, so she can travel with us when we go camping or on vacation.  

I finally had some free time to get to work on that while she was off at preschool yesterday.  

Here is how her new sleeping bag came out.  I also made her a little pillow, too.

The sleeping bag has a little zipper on the side, just like Aubrey's ;)

Something was missing, though.  While sleeping in the nude is nice and all, I think she is a little young for such things.  I decided to make her some cozy fleece PJ's for her to wear at night.

Here is how they came out:

I am pretty proud of myself over these PJ's.  I made them without any pattern and just used all the knowledge I've gained from using and cutting out patterns for myself and my kids.  It didn't take that long either!  

I think this little doll might be the best thing that happened to ME.  Lol.  It is really helping me pull all my skills together.  It's hard to practice pattern making on something for me because if I mess up, a lot of fabric is wasted.  With Marina, if I make a mistake, it is only scraps that were used and that is what they are for!

Now all we need is somewhere to go!

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