Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finally Organized!!


I finally organized my fabric closet, sewing desk, and all of my sewing supplies!

It was a LOT of work, but I am soooooo happy and now it will be SOOO easy to find what I am looking for.

I purposely did not take before pictures, because it was too embarrassing.  

I am proud to show the after pictures, though!

Fabric closet that is now completely organized by color and all everything is neatly folded into bins.

Bottom of the closet has all my office supplies.

Middle drawers have all my trim, rick rack, zippers, metal fasteners, velcro buttons, etc.

I even organized all of my scraps by color and put them in zip lock bags and into a nice bin.

My sewing desk was completely full and covered before and now I just have my receipts, a few tools, and all of my tags, business cards, and labels.  Plus the top drawer is empty and now I can put my works in progress in there instead of leaving them out on the desk.

Under the bed I have all of my random craft stuff like glue guns, ribbon, beads, pom poms, basically all my non-sewing stuff.  In another bin I have all of my patterns.  And the other bin has all of my fleece and felt.

All my thread has been re-organized and underneath the deer blanket I have three bins.  One is the scrap bin, the other has all the behind the scenes stuff like interfacing, fusible fleece, heat bond, etc.  The final bin has all of my own personal projects and vintage fabric I am saving for myself.

This feel SOOOO good.  We have very limited space in this apartment, so it is easy for things to get disorganized quickly.  I cannot function in a cluttered environment at all.  Now I just have to keep it this way.

Wish me luck!

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