Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Make Your Kids Smile and Be a Hero in One Swoop

I don't know about your home, but in my home we have several stuffed animals.  Many of them are very special and there are quite a few favorites among the group.  Occasionally, one of our stuffed friends gets a boo-boo that needs mending.  The discovery of a hole, or tear, or leaky stuffing is always a heart breaking moment for my little ones.  They come to me with their wounded friend in their arms, with their heads hung low, and a sweet request to help save and repair their dear stuffed buddy.

This is where I put on my Super Mom cape and spring into action, ready to save the day like only a Super Mom can.  The friends immediately get put in the stuffed animal hospital (my sewing table) and their injuries are assessed.  Once we get a diagnosis, Dr. Mom (aka: Super Mom) is ready for surgery.

Our first wounded friend in need or repair is Bashlakin.  He is a very special friend of Bayne's, that he helped make with me a few years back.  Some of his scales have peeled back on either side.

It is very hard to swim if you have scales falling all about. 

After a little bit of fabric glue, TLC, and a night spent in the recovery ward, Bashlakin is expected to have a full recovery and be allowed to go home with his best friend. 

I'm happy to announce that Bashlakin healed wonderfully and was reunited with his best buddy Bayne.  You can tell by the smile on his face how happy he is to have his buddy back again.  That smile makes my day.  I love being Bayne's hero.

Aubrey had a very special friend that needed mending, too.  Meet Charazard, the Magic Pink Dragon.  This is a very special dragon, acquired on a very special day, when we needed some very special magic.  While Aubrey was having her open heart surgery at 7 mths old, a repair far too complex for Dr. Mom to fix herself, I paced the halls of the hospital anxiously waiting to be reunited with my best buddy and most darling little girl.  I find comfort in the gift shop during all of her surgeries and procedures that I can't stay with her through.  I always buy her a stuffed animal, balloon, and a book.  It helps keep me distracted and focused on positive things - like seeing her again.  Getting her a gift helps me focus on the future, her being happy and playing together, and keeps my head out of fear and going to the dark place where there is no future and letting the worse case scenario take hold.  During her first open heart surgery, I was very, very scared.  She was in surgery for many hours ... I can't believe that I can't remember how many now, but I feel like it had to have been close to 6 hours or more maybe.  You can't spend 6 hours in a gift shop, let me tell you!  There wasn't enough distraction in the world to keep me from being scared, but there was a very special friend waiting just for Aubrey in the gift shop that day.  It was the only one like it in the store.  I saw it the moment I went in and I knew this was the perfect friend for her to have when she woke up.  Every little girl needs a Magic Pink Dragon to watch over them, especially when that little girl is recovering from a very big surgery and needed all the magic she could get to get well and return home, which we did!  This dragon has seen us through some hard times and now it looks as though Charazard needs our help. 

Charazard has developed quite a few holes in his belly that need to be mended.  He was checked into the hospital and evaluated by Dr. Mom.  This is going to be a long procedure, much like Aubrey's.  Now, it is Aubrey's turn to watch over her dragon, give him lots of love, and help make sure he makes a full recovery - just like he did for her during her surgery.

Just because it is so special to me ... I want to share a couple pictures of my girl and her dragon after Aubrey's open heart surgery.

Aubrey at 7 mths old a few days post-op.  You can see her dragon watching over her in the corner with all the balloons and other gifts that our wonderful friends and family sent for her.  

Here Aubrey is back home from the hospital, with a fully repaired heart, surrounded by all her friends ... and of course, the Magic Pink Dragon ... who is standing watch beside her.

I am happy to report, after several mendings, Charzard is expected to make a full recovery!  He has been reunited with his best friend, Aubrey.  And there is that smile!!!  I love saving the day and being Aubrey's hero!

These two make a great team.  Both Charazard and Aubrey are going to need future mendings, but luckily we have a Magic Pink Dragon, a Super Special Little Girl, and a very devoted Dr. Super Hero Mom on duty.

Find little ways in which you can be your kids hero today :)

The smile you receive in return will save your day.

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